Sermon Questions for week of November 13th, 2016

If trials and sufferings will come into our church, like what’s happening in Afghanistan, India and the Middle East. Are we ready to face the challenge? It’s not only the message of hope, but the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ that should be preached in season or out of season regularly. The Muslim are ready to sacrifice their life, in the name of Allah, propagating Islam in unprecedented magnitude. But, we Christians that the Lord Jesus Christ paid by his blood and has the true way of salvation, but we cannot get off from our comfort zone because of the affluence of the country. Glory to GOD! Are we ready to face the challenge? That is a good question. Comfort zones […]

Sermon Questions – November 6, 2016

How do you be all things to all people without ‘watering down’ the message? Paul was all things to all people.   Can we do the same?  I think that would be reflective of gifting.  We are called to make disciples of others…. And I think I’d suggest that we start doing that by each of us just being ourselves.  As we each do that, the church in turn becomes all things to all people by the Holy Spirit working in each individual.   The message is not watered down, because the message that comes through us is from the Holy Spirit and not us.   What is the difference between God’s mercy and God’s grace?  Is there a limit for […]

Sermon Questions – October 23, 2016

In North America we down play miracles.   How do we evaluate a message, a story to know if it is from God’s miraculous intervention? It’s interesting in North America how much credit we wish to take for things and how little we give to God.  God created us.   All we are and all that we do come from him.  So I say let’s ere on the side of caution and give God glory for all things.   Successful surgeries, recovery from illness, safety while travelling, etc.   I’d say in all these things lets give God the glory and ere on the side of that, rather than on the side of not giving God glory. Pastor Mike, it’s […]

Sermon Questions from October 16, 2016

What is the role of FBC as a church patriarch to the congregation, in sharing love with one another, the hunger for souls and compassion for the lost?  Just like our father in heaven, do we exercise genuine love, friendship and concerns to others, irregardless of one’s culture, nationality, and traditions?   I like what this question is getting at, but I also wrestle with it a bit.  FBC is a reference to the community of believers that make up the church.   There is no independent FBC from the congregation.  They are one and the same.  SO yes FBC sets an example for believers, but it is also made up of the group of believers.   That said as […]

Sermon Questions from October 9, 2016

How do we overcome the shame that gets in the way of sharing our need, of discovering community? I think first we need to learn to forgive ourselves.  We can accept God’s forgiveness, but then forgiving ourselves can be even harder. Second, as a church we need to be a people of grace allows people to come as they are and share their struggles.  Those two things together I believe help us overcome shame. What are we christians in this age of grace supposed to learn from todays scripture Acts 2:42-47, especially when we learn the rest of the story in Paul’s epistles as he was establishing new churches in Antioch, Ephesus,Galatia,etc. Paul was taking offerings to send back to Jerusalem […]

Sermon Questions from October 2, 2016

My sin tends to be socially acceptable.  How do I learn to recognize these sins that so easily entangle? What a great question.   I think we often see sin as just those things that are not socially ‘okay’.  yet our culture itself is sinful and we can easily get caught up in the sinful ways of the world.   So to answer your question of how do recognize these sins… root yourself in scripture – be familiar with God’s way of doing things. Be rooted in prayer – pray that God will reveal your sins to you. I think those two things will do the most to help any of us recognize the sin in our life.  I think […]

Sermon Question – Sept 25, 2016

We had just one question on Sunday…. so here it is: What do we do with doubt, how do we cope with it in our walk with God, in our worship? I think this is a great question and one very relevant to the church and to the world.   I think too often we see doubt as a failure of faith, rather than just a weakness of faith.    This question comes out of our text this morning – the great commission in Matthew 28.  There’s a little reflected on sentence about the disciples and that some doubted  (we read this in Matthew 28:17 – When they saw him, they worshiped him; but some doubted.”). So even despite seeing Jesus […]

Review – The Bible Stories: Moses DVD

My three daughters and I watched this movie.  It was a great opportunity to talk about and “live” the story of Moses.   My 9 year old daughter commented, “The part where Moses drops the 10 Commandments isn’t true”… to which my 7 year old responded, “Yes it is!”  This movie opened up a great opportunity to discuss as we watched and after we watched. A few things that troubled me as I watched… I never envisioned Moses to be as angry as he was portrayed throughout the movie.  That was just my preconceived notion though of what i thought he was like that was different than it was portrayed.  I really like how, at the end of Moses’ life, […]

Sermon Questions from week of June 19th, 2016

What is the difference between being called to the office of prophet and being gifted in prophecy? This is a great question.  Let me use an analogy with preaching.  There are people who are called to be preachers, and there are people who have a gift to preach but are not vocational preachers.    There are those in scripture, and perhaps today still, who are called to be prophets vocationally.  It is who they are in all things, while others prophesize occasionally or for a season in their life.  Both are part of God’s ministry but play different roles.   I also suggest the cost of holding the office of prophet is greater due to the permanent nature of it. When did […]

Sermon Questions and Weekly Reading Questions for week of June 12, 2016

You mentioned in the Sunday service that separating the children from the service is a form of exile. Your comment seemed to be a bit of an exaggeration to me, not to mention a misuse of the meaning of an exile. Are the ministries at the church meant to help people relate to and learn about God at a level for them to understand? FBC has Sunday school for children, youth, and adults, small groups for adults, young adults, support groups for those who have experienced miscarriage and loss, get togethers for Prime Time age, and many more. I think these valuable opportunities exist not to “exile” but to include people and their various stages of physical and spiritual growth within […]