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  1. Hi Mike,

    We’re doing a sermon series on 1 Kings… Would it be possible to use your image in our church service? We won’t be selling it or reproducing it –> would just be as a background for when preaching.


    1. Hi Bec – all the images I’m using are off of google images searches. I generally won’t use those images in church services as I don’t hold copyright or permissions. I’ve tried as best I can on here to find pictures without copyright, but I’m not always sure. I find the images each day usually by googling the bible book and a chapter, which may help you trace it back to the original site. Hope that helps.

  2. Hi mike,

    I read your article: Accessing US Netflix in Canada, very informative but I am trying by using Blockless.com by way of DNS / VPN. Is Blockless a good source? Let me Know.

    thank you,

    1. Hi Kenneth – I haven’t used blockless. I have used Strong DNS, I know others using unblock-us. blockless probably works on the sam techniques as the others. There are more and more services offering DNS services or VPN.

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