Gutenberg – Take Two

I’ve generally refrained from responding to articles and columns in the newspaper the past few years. Well it’s time to step out into this world again and respond to a newspaper column. In the middle of February 2012, The Sherwood Park News (My former hometown newspaper) had a column written by one of the staff called “Politics and social media don’t mix”. You can give it a read here. First I want to say the staff, including the columnist, are fantastic.  It is a great paper that strives to keep the community informed on various issues and happenings.  I have nothing but respect for them – it’s why I’ve kept reading the News despite living in a different province. The […]

Great is Thy Faithfulness…

I have only been in ministry full time for a decade – longer than some, but far less than many more.   One thing I’ve noticed is how faith has different themes that ‘trend’ in a way to keep our expression of faith relevant.   There are different ‘fads’ that we hold onto – almost all with strong legitimate scriptural basis.  I’ve seen strong focuses and campaigns that revolve around evangelism, spiritual practices, apologetics, and social justice. In many ways these campaigns raise awareness of key areas of our faith that we can grow in and mature our faith.  The branding, advertising, and promotion of  these focuses is sophisticated, creative, and facilities interest. I have my thoughts on many of these campaigns having […]