Home Web Security and Filtering

One of the biggest challenges for parents in the digital age is how do they control and limit access onto the internet for their families.  Right alongside this is how as adults is there accountability in how technology is used to ensure that it is not being used inappropriately by adults. This blog post will examine a number of options out there for families that are effective and hard to work around when setup properly.  One key to do this is if men want their wives to ensure their access is filtered is they need to make sure all passwords are held only by their spouse. Below are some of the solutions out there to help out families.   Where possible […]

Technology Questions from Banff Pastors Retreat

Below are answers to questions that were submitted at the Technology Workshop at the 2016 Banff Pastors Retreat. How do we help people who don’t use social media not feel excluded and out of the loop? I love this question and think it is going to be an important dynamic as social media continues to root itself in the culture around us and in the church.  I think there are a few avenues that could be taken to address this.  Feel free to leave other suggestions in the comments section below.  So here are some ideas: Never post anything on facebook that you haven’t communicated in a different way in your church. While this limits the effectiveness of using facebook […]

Travel Tech

After  a lengthy family vacation this year,  I thought I’d share some of our tech related items and apps that we used while travelling. While many are far more experienced in travel, perhaps our feedback might still be a benefit for you as you prepare for a trip, or just day to day around your own town.  To prepare for our trip, I spent quite a bit of time planning what we would bring for our family of 6 and how we’d travel.  With two long days of travelling, as well as numerous times with lengthier drives, our technology needed to be well planned. As we travelled, I brought my usual devices – Macbook Air, Ipad Air 2, Iphone 5s, […]

Preparing for a New Year

A friend of mine, Adam, recently did a post on his planning and preparations for a new year of ministry.  He has a reading plan, growth plan, etc.  You can check out his blog here: http://threehundredwords.org.  He is always worth a read and has great thoughts on many things. I’ve always found planning ahead to be helpful in keeping me focussed and  I am working on my long term plans in a number of ways – preaching, personal growth, etc.   My process isn’t as thorough as Adam’s, however there are some other things that I do to prepare for the new year beyond planning that I thought I’d share.  Perhaps you’ll find some value in these practical things. Last year […]

Preaching or Presenting from an iPad

So I was reading online and saw a post from someone on the top ten things you MUST do when preaching from an iPad.  I thought some were good, others seemed off… so here’s my ‘checklist’ for preaching from my iPad.  Since preaching is not much different than many other presentations… this may be useful for those presenting from ipad’s in other situations. 1) I always write my sermons using Microsoft Word.  I save my file format in the Word 97-2003 format for preaching from.  This allows two things, I can edit it on the computer or ipad (using QuickOffice)  and when I preach from it, I find the formatting displays better.  Some choose to save their sermons in PDF… […]

These are a few of my favourite things….

  I’ve been wanting to write a post on apps I use on the iPhone and iPad for a while.  I’m often asked what are the best apps  out there, and I often send them a list of apps.   I want this post to be a bit different.  I want the apps listed to be used on a regular basis by me, as opposed to just being a good app.  There are a lot of great apps but I don’t use on a regular basis – an example is QuickOffice which many people love as a Microsoft Office style app on the ipad and iphone…. I have it, but rarely use it.  So here’s a list of my ‘must have’ […]

Accessing US Netflix in Canada

I’m not sure if you’re like me -but I wish for more TV shows and movies than the Canadian Netflix allows.  I”d love to access US Netlflix.  So I did some digging the  and found out that the way Netflix works, is if you can make your computer or device look like it’s in the US you will be able to access us Netflix. What does that mean? When you connect to the internet at home, your internet provider assigns you an IP address. Just like your house an address that identifies it for mail, your internet connection has one too. Your router provided by the internet provider also gives you IP addresses internal to your house so each computer […]

A glimpse at iOS 6

So one of my thoughts for this blog was to post the odd tech item.  It hasn’t happened until now.  This is the first of 3 tech posts I’ll be doing in the coming weeks. The next post will be on how to access US netflix in Canada, and the third will be my favourite iOS apps.  Look forward to hearing your feedback! Since the beta was released I’ve been using the iOS 6 software on my iphone 4s  and my ipad 3.  The best way to describe this update is that it’s a natural update.  It’s not revolutionary but builds on the existing  software.  I think for most it’ll be a welcome update. Here are some of my thoughts about the new […]

Gutenberg – Take Two

I’ve generally refrained from responding to articles and columns in the newspaper the past few years. Well it’s time to step out into this world again and respond to a newspaper column. In the middle of February 2012, The Sherwood Park News (My former hometown newspaper) had a column written by one of the staff called “Politics and social media don’t mix”. You can give it a read here. First I want to say the staff, including the columnist, are fantastic.  It is a great paper that strives to keep the community informed on various issues and happenings.  I have nothing but respect for them – it’s why I’ve kept reading the News despite living in a different province. The […]

Steve Jobs Impact

Much has been said about Steve Jobs in the past weeks due to his passing, as well as the release of his biography.  There is little denial that Steve Jobs had a significant impact on the world.  Steve Jobs has impacted how we interact and relate to technology.  With the Apple IIe, iPhone, iPod, and iPad he impacted our work, how we communicate, how we consume media, and how technology has become a ‘part of us’.  Beyond the obvious Steve Jobs also impacted how we shop with iTunes, the App Store, and also the Apple Store.  Less well known is that Steve Jobs revolutionized animation with his purchase of Pixar and ultimately their run of  blockbusters starting with Toy Story.   […]