Home Web Security and Filtering

One of the biggest challenges for parents in the digital age is how do they control and limit access onto the internet for their families.  Right alongside this is how as adults is there accountability in how technology is used to ensure that it is not being used inappropriately by adults. This blog post will examine a number of options out there for families that are effective and hard to work around when setup properly.  One key to do this is if men want their wives to ensure their access is filtered is they need to make sure all passwords are held only by their spouse. Below are some of the solutions out there to help out families.   Where possible […]

Review – The Bible Stories: Moses DVD

My three daughters and I watched this movie.  It was a great opportunity to talk about and “live” the story of Moses.   My 9 year old daughter commented, “The part where Moses drops the 10 Commandments isn’t true”… to which my 7 year old responded, “Yes it is!”  This movie opened up a great opportunity to discuss as we watched and after we watched. A few things that troubled me as I watched… I never envisioned Moses to be as angry as he was portrayed throughout the movie.  That was just my preconceived notion though of what i thought he was like that was different than it was portrayed.  I really like how, at the end of Moses’ life, […]

Sermon Questions and Weekly Reading Questions for week of June 12, 2016

You mentioned in the Sunday service that separating the children from the service is a form of exile. Your comment seemed to be a bit of an exaggeration to me, not to mention a misuse of the meaning of an exile. Are the ministries at the church meant to help people relate to and learn about God at a level for them to understand? FBC has Sunday school for children, youth, and adults, small groups for adults, young adults, support groups for those who have experienced miscarriage and loss, get togethers for Prime Time age, and many more. I think these valuable opportunities exist not to “exile” but to include people and their various stages of physical and spiritual growth within […]

Sermon Questions – April 24, 2016 – Peter & Diane Salmond

We had a great Sunday on April 24, 2016  with Peter and Diane visiting.   Peter shared a message before we had a Q&A time in the service.  Below are the questiosn that were texted in to be answered and their answers to those questions.  Thanks Peter and Diane for your ministry and being with us on the 24th! 1) Fun question – how are the spiders and creatures there? There are many spiders all over the place, but we are able to keep them mostly our of our house, but we see them a lot in the office at the school and in the classroom. We have also seen snakes, cockroaches and rats. But only a few. 2) Did […]

Sermon Questions from the Week of March 6th, 2016

SO two questions from the sermon and one from last week’s scripture readings.  I hope you find the responses helpful.  It bothers me that we even need to discuss guidelines for euthanasia because our Canadian government has passed this law of Doctor assisted suicide That is fair that it bothers you we need to discuss this, but the government didn’t pass the law.  The courts have said it is a human right to have a doctor assist your suicide.   The courts have requested the government to create legal guidelines around that right.     It should be deeply concerning that the courts are determining our ethics in this way, however it is the way our system is setup.  Now the goal we […]

Travel Tech

After  a lengthy family vacation this year,  I thought I’d share some of our tech related items and apps that we used while travelling. While many are far more experienced in travel, perhaps our feedback might still be a benefit for you as you prepare for a trip, or just day to day around your own town.  To prepare for our trip, I spent quite a bit of time planning what we would bring for our family of 6 and how we’d travel.  With two long days of travelling, as well as numerous times with lengthier drives, our technology needed to be well planned. As we travelled, I brought my usual devices – Macbook Air, Ipad Air 2, Iphone 5s, […]

Book Review – from Tablet to Table

From Table to Table is a passionate look at the image of the table in scripture and the value table fellowship and shared meals offer to us as individuals, as families, and as community. Leonard Sweet reminds us of the table ministry Jesus had. We are given a chance to step back and see how much food played in Jesus’ ministry and in his stories. So often when we read these stories we see the food and table as common everyday items, rather than clues to understanding the ministry of Jesus, and what God desires for us. Sweet’s writing style in this book took me a bit to get used to. I realized as I progressed through the book that […]

Book Review – The Christmas Story for Children

Normally I don’t get my eye caught by children’s Bible storybooks, however The Christmas Story for Children stands out for a few reasons. First, it’s a part of the The Story project, and my favourite children’s story author Max Lucado is a part of this project. The Christmas Story for Children is what you would expect – the Christmas Story with the appropriate artwork. Yet there are some qualities to this book’s storytelling that stand out. First, they don’t try to mix all the Christmas narratives into one. The story is told clearly with a sense that this is a story being told based on scripture, but is not an actual scripture reading. Second, the artwork is wonderful and high […]

low cost corn maze

Corn Mazes aren’t cheap… so here’s my version of a low cost family fun corn maze. 1) go to the store and buy a few bags of frozen corn kernels. Or if you desire warmer temperatures for your corn maze rather than the frigid fall temperatures buy popcorn kernels  🙂 2) Clear off your large kitchen table. 3) use the corn purchased to make a large maze on your table.  I suggest tasking the kids with making the maze.  It’ll keep them busy for quite a while! 4) voila – a cost effective corn maze.  Do the maze with lego figures, small cars or a popped popcorn kernel.

Book Review – Simplify by Bill Hybels

The title of the book Simplify caught my attention.  Knowing Bill Hybels’ writing and speaking from previous experiences, I was curious to see what the practices are that he advocates to simplify life. I’ve often encountered in my own life, and in the lives of others, an ongoing sense that we’re just juggling life waiting for something to drop and life to fall apart.  Being pulled in multiple directions we realize we’re not as flexible as we thought and are left wondering how can I simplify life to make it easier!   Bill Hybel attempts to lead the reader on a journey that examines how they live their life and make the choices they make in order to simplify the life they […]