Home Web Security and Filtering

One of the biggest challenges for parents in the digital age is how do they control and limit access onto the internet for their families.  Right alongside this is how as adults is there accountability in how technology is used to ensure that it is not being used inappropriately by adults. This blog post will examine a number of options out there for families that are effective and hard to work around when setup properly.  One key to do this is if men want their wives to ensure their access is filtered is they need to make sure all passwords are held only by their spouse. Below are some of the solutions out there to help out families.   Where possible […]

Lessons from the Good Ol’ DQ – Culture and the Magic of DQ

When one thinks of fast food I’m not sure anyone thinks of culture.   The food isn’t that distinguished after all.  However every organization has a culture. Some are good, some are bad, and some are exemplary.   When it comes to a franchise restaurant there are different levels of culture.  I worked at the Sherwood Park DQ’s  and there were three levels of culture.  Each individual store had it’s own culture, there was a broader culture that was a part of both stores, and there was the franchise culture.  One could also argue that within the franchise there are different lievels of culture based on marketing regions, however for our sake we’ll skip those! The Sherwood Park DQ’s have […]

Lessons from the DQ and Why I don’t Drink

It can be awkward being a Baptist Minister.  It can be even more awkward when you don’t drink and you’re a Baptist Minister.   Baptists, if you don’t know, have a reputation when it comes to alcohol.  For a while a lot of Baptists were against drinking.  Though my understanding is it didn’t necessarily stop people.  But people assume that since I’m a  pastor that I don’t drink, that I am offended by alcohol being consumed, and even more insulted if I am offered any. So when I go to someone’s home and say no to a beer or a glass of wine people are so worried and apologize profusely.  I feel bad actually because I don’t like making anyone who […]

Lessons from the Good Ol’ DQ – Perseverance

Lessons from the Good Ol’ DQ: Perseverance  As I share stories about the DQ and the lessons learned, I’ll share some stories others will know and other stories no one has a clue about. This story is one of those stories – I don’t think I have ever told anyone this story.  Also when I reference people from the DQ, particularly when it could be seen as being critical of them, I am going to use just their first initial or two. This lesson begins right at the beginning.   I was excited when I received a call from ja. at the DQ.  I was a little surprised that I was called by a different DQ then I applied at.  Nonetheless […]

Sermon Question from November 27, 2016

I do believe that, the Lord Jesus Christ knew when he’s coming back again, what was mentioned in Matthew 24:36 was the Lord talking that time he was still ian human form, Apostle Paul even mentioned in Colossians 2:9 For in Christ all the fulness of the Deity lives in bodily form,so  in His Devine being as God, the Lord knows everything, because He even onced said, that the Father and I are one. I am with the Father and the Father is in me. It is just a comment Pastor and if you can give me the right  explanation I am willing to submit. God bless! All the Glory and Honor to our GOD THE FATHER and of The […]

Sermon Questions from November 20, 2016

With my honest opinion, I do believe that we can unlock the secrets the prophecies written, if we ask God.  James 1:5     Revelation was written not scare us, but to prove to us that the prophecies written will come to pass.  It was written to prove that God Almighty  is serious with his dealing with mankind.  Revelation was written to warn the people into coming events that will take place, if we don’t have the Lord Jesus Christ in our life.  Glory to God! A lot of points in here, so I will try and respond briefly to several of them. I do believe we can uave some understanding of the prophecies, but not all.  Why do I say that?  […]

Sermon Questions for week of November 13th, 2016

If trials and sufferings will come into our church, like what’s happening in Afghanistan, India and the Middle East. Are we ready to face the challenge? It’s not only the message of hope, but the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ that should be preached in season or out of season regularly. The Muslim are ready to sacrifice their life, in the name of Allah, propagating Islam in unprecedented magnitude. But, we Christians that the Lord Jesus Christ paid by his blood and has the true way of salvation, but we cannot get off from our comfort zone because of the affluence of the country. Glory to GOD! Are we ready to face the challenge? That is a good question. Comfort zones […]

Sermon Questions – October 23, 2016

In North America we down play miracles.   How do we evaluate a message, a story to know if it is from God’s miraculous intervention? It’s interesting in North America how much credit we wish to take for things and how little we give to God.  God created us.   All we are and all that we do come from him.  So I say let’s ere on the side of caution and give God glory for all things.   Successful surgeries, recovery from illness, safety while travelling, etc.   I’d say in all these things lets give God the glory and ere on the side of that, rather than on the side of not giving God glory. Pastor Mike, it’s […]

Sermon Questions from October 16, 2016

What is the role of FBC as a church patriarch to the congregation, in sharing love with one another, the hunger for souls and compassion for the lost?  Just like our father in heaven, do we exercise genuine love, friendship and concerns to others, irregardless of one’s culture, nationality, and traditions?   I like what this question is getting at, but I also wrestle with it a bit.  FBC is a reference to the community of believers that make up the church.   There is no independent FBC from the congregation.  They are one and the same.  SO yes FBC sets an example for believers, but it is also made up of the group of believers.   That said as […]

Sermon Questions from October 9, 2016

How do we overcome the shame that gets in the way of sharing our need, of discovering community? I think first we need to learn to forgive ourselves.  We can accept God’s forgiveness, but then forgiving ourselves can be even harder. Second, as a church we need to be a people of grace allows people to come as they are and share their struggles.  Those two things together I believe help us overcome shame. What are we christians in this age of grace supposed to learn from todays scripture Acts 2:42-47, especially when we learn the rest of the story in Paul’s epistles as he was establishing new churches in Antioch, Ephesus,Galatia,etc. Paul was taking offerings to send back to Jerusalem […]