Sermon Questions from December 4, 2016

What is the difference between the Lord Jesus Christ peace and the anti – Christ promised peace in this world.? I think motive is a clear part of the answer to this.    The Anti-Christ promises peace to achieve his means, but does not keep his promises.  Jesus promises peace out of love for us and with our well being in mind.  Jesus can deliver this peace which the anti-Christ cannot.  The antichrist may bring peace for a short period but ultimately by his nature, the antichrist will not maintain peace.  The reality is that Jesus is the Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6) and the antichrist is just that anti-christ and thus anti peace over all.   If you read Daniel 9 […]

Book Review – The Christmas Story for Children

Normally I don’t get my eye caught by children’s Bible storybooks, however The Christmas Story for Children stands out for a few reasons. First, it’s a part of the The Story project, and my favourite children’s story author Max Lucado is a part of this project. The Christmas Story for Children is what you would expect – the Christmas Story with the appropriate artwork. Yet there are some qualities to this book’s storytelling that stand out. First, they don’t try to mix all the Christmas narratives into one. The story is told clearly with a sense that this is a story being told based on scripture, but is not an actual scripture reading. Second, the artwork is wonderful and high […]

The Massacre of the Innocents at Bethlehem by Matteo di Giovanni

Christmas Tension

A few weeks ago I preached on the theme of peace as a part of our advent series.  The text I used was the story of the Magi and Herod from Matthew 2.  Rather than stop at verse 12 though, I preached from the text that extends down to verse 18.  This is a part of the Christmas story we don’t like to reflect on as Herod, in an attempt to kill off the new born King of the Jews (which was Herod’s self appointed title), slaughters all the boys around Bethlehem who were two years old and under.  Jesus escapes this slaughter as God warns Joseph in a dream to take Mary and the babe to Egypt. My whole […]

Tell Me the Story….

I think most people like a good story -whether it’s a novel, a movie, or even just your average sitcom television show.  When we here a good story we talk about it with others, we watch it again and again.  The story begins to move from something seperate from us, to being a part of our own story.  The stories that mean the most to us are the very stories that speak to our life and that we can relate too.  There’s also a sense that we choose the stories that narrate our lives.  Do we hold onto a story of tragedy or hope, despair or joy, hate or love.   There are so many competing stories that we can use […]