My ‘to read’ list…

I haven’t been blogging as regularly as I’d like to lately.  I took a break as I finished up my school studies and started getting used to ‘regular’ life.  I’m not sure what ‘regular’ life is though since I have four daughters!  However, it’s been nice to be out of the school mode I’ve been in and to be done all my writing.  I’m even starting to enjoy writing again now. So over the past few years as I’ve done my paper writing all my reading has been pretty much focussed on those papers but I never stopped finding books I’d like to read.   Hopefully I’ll be blogging a bit more over the next year.  However I also have some […]

Home Web Security and Filtering

One of the biggest challenges for parents in the digital age is how do they control and limit access onto the internet for their families.  Right alongside this is how as adults is there accountability in how technology is used to ensure that it is not being used inappropriately by adults. This blog post will examine a number of options out there for families that are effective and hard to work around when setup properly.  One key to do this is if men want their wives to ensure their access is filtered is they need to make sure all passwords are held only by their spouse. Below are some of the solutions out there to help out families.   Where possible […]

Adam’s Reading List 2018

My previous post was a guest post from Adam Driscoll.   A friend who is also someone who loves reading. Each year he makes up a reading list to work through throughout the year. Below is another guest blogpost from Adam as he shares what books he plans on reading in 2018.  You’ll notice this is not a short list…. as I mentioned in my previous post Adam is a voracious reader. Based on the list below he is reading a book almost every five days. Adam Driscoll’s 2018 Reading List Nation Maker: Sir John A. MacDonald His Life, Our Times Richard J. Gwyn Churchill: The Power of Words Winston Churchill, Martin Gilbert Kennedy: The Classic Biography Ted Sorenson The Word […]

Adam Driscoll’s Book List from 2017 with Reviews

Reading is such a foundational way to grow and broaden our horizons.   Below is a list of books read by my friend Adam Driscoll.  In this guest blogpost he shares the books he read in 2017 with a brief review of each.  Take a look and find a couple you like and grab them to read them.  My next post will be all his books he plans to read for 2018.  Keep in mind… these are just the highlights of what Adam read this year…. I’m sure he read much more than this.  Adam Driscoll’s List of Books Read in 2017 with Brief Reviews Becoming Human – Jean Vanier In a world that equates strength with perfection, Vanier exposes that […]

Lessons from the Good Ol’ DQ – Culture and the Magic of DQ

When one thinks of fast food I’m not sure anyone thinks of culture.   The food isn’t that distinguished after all.  However every organization has a culture. Some are good, some are bad, and some are exemplary.   When it comes to a franchise restaurant there are different levels of culture.  I worked at the Sherwood Park DQ’s  and there were three levels of culture.  Each individual store had it’s own culture, there was a broader culture that was a part of both stores, and there was the franchise culture.  One could also argue that within the franchise there are different lievels of culture based on marketing regions, however for our sake we’ll skip those! The Sherwood Park DQ’s have […]

Lessons from the Good Ol’ DQ – the value of generosity

Fast food is often given a bad rap as a place to work.  In fact when I worked there through university and my masters degree people would give me curious looks.    For many fast food means meaningless work.  It means no skill, and it means dead end job.  DQ wasn’t like that for me.   My previous post was on why I don’t drink and was a fairly personal lesson that I learnt. This post I wish to share a lesson that I think every business, and even individuals, could learn from the good ol’ DQ. When my first winter came at DQ  there are two things I remember.  First, how dead a place known for ice cream gets in the […]

Lessons from the DQ and Why I don’t Drink

It can be awkward being a Baptist Minister.  It can be even more awkward when you don’t drink and you’re a Baptist Minister.   Baptists, if you don’t know, have a reputation when it comes to alcohol.  For a while a lot of Baptists were against drinking.  Though my understanding is it didn’t necessarily stop people.  But people assume that since I’m a  pastor that I don’t drink, that I am offended by alcohol being consumed, and even more insulted if I am offered any. So when I go to someone’s home and say no to a beer or a glass of wine people are so worried and apologize profusely.  I feel bad actually because I don’t like making anyone who […]

A lesson from the good ol’ DQ – Hard Work and Humility

It is amazing how Dairy Queen has changed me.  All these years later I still look for certain things in restaurants as a result of the lessons I learned at the good ol’ DQ.  I always look at a restaurant to see how involved the manager is in the work the staff are doing.  That is a result of this week’s lesson – the lesson of hard work and humility. I like to believe I was always a hard worker, and at the DQ as I learned things I would work as hard and fast as best I could.    So the lesson to day isn’t that I learnt how to work hard, it’s the context in which I saw hard […]

Lessons from the Good Ol’ DQ – Perseverance

Lessons from the Good Ol’ DQ: Perseverance  As I share stories about the DQ and the lessons learned, I’ll share some stories others will know and other stories no one has a clue about. This story is one of those stories – I don’t think I have ever told anyone this story.  Also when I reference people from the DQ, particularly when it could be seen as being critical of them, I am going to use just their first initial or two. This lesson begins right at the beginning.   I was excited when I received a call from ja. at the DQ.  I was a little surprised that I was called by a different DQ then I applied at.  Nonetheless […]

The Good ol’ DQ

My first job in life was delivering the Edmonton Sun newspaper.  I chose that paper as it didn’t deliver on Saturdays and thus gave me a morning off work.   The way delivering papers works is that the more houses you have in a set area, the more you made.  This was also back in the day when you would go out at night and collect the money owed for the papers – you would then pay the amount owed to the company and keep the balance.  Usually it worked out to about $30 every two weeks.  So yes… about $2 a morning!    I would get up at 5 am to deliver the paper.  Why so early?  I had customers who […]