The Power of the Small

I used to buy into thinking that bigger was better. Bigger houses. Bigger cities. Bigger responsibilities. I used to think that. Yet overtime I’ve become disillusioned with big. It’s not that big is not bad, I’m disillusioned with our societies obsession with bigger. We need bigger stores. We need bigger theatres. We need bigger trucks and cars. We need bigger buildings. We need… we need… we need…. and I’m not sure why.

Now here we are in covid-19 and we’re realizing big isn’t always better. We look at the situation in New York and realize being big can come at a cost. In the covid-19 era something is becoming more and more apparent. There is power in being small. Smaller cities seem to fair better. In Saskatchewan, a province that is 1/4 to a 1/5 the size of the province of Alberta we have significantly fewer cases, deaths, etc. On one day we had one new case while Alberta had over 150. Perhaps our smaller population centres help us to social distance a bit easier.

Church wise I know many pastors who wish for bigger churches. I’ve heard bigger churches say they try to take over smaller churches (I didn’t know that was a thing until I heard that!). I know people who don’t want to be part of small churches as they don’t have what they need. Yet here we are in the pandemic and we are now seeing the strength of the small church and the challenge of the big church. The small church can care for its community far easier than a large church. As things begin stepping back up to normal the small church will be able to resume services sooner. The smaller churches have an easier time communicating with its members. the smaller churches can care for each other without missing people. There’s something powerful in being small.

We live in a culture obsessed with size… and yet we’re now realizing big isn’t always better. we’re realizing there is a place in the community for both large and small churches, especially now in seasons like this. We’re realizing there is value in smaller community. Sometimes small is ok…. and sometimes small is better.

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