What we left behind…

We’re in a state where we social distance and social isolate and we are giving up all sorts of things leaving many many things behind. Gone are coffee shops, nights out on the town, soccer teams, hockey games, dance lessons, workouts at the gym and so much more.

Now we’re in this space where our whole family is at home at night. All we have left is… each other. And technology… but we’ll get to that.

We’re realizing what we left behind is not in fact activities and events, shops and restaurants, classes and programs. What we left behind was left long before that. We had left behind family meals, game nights, time snuggling, chances to visit with each other and talk. We left behind time to draw together, watch movies together as a whole family, time to laugh together and even do our chores together. We left behind what it meant to be family and replaced it instead with busy-ness.

As we’re at home we have a choice – connect as a family or retreat into our technology. What will you do? It’s not that technology is bad, however if we replace all our busy-ness by escaping into technology we will still leave behind our family. That is the temptation isn’t it? To escape into our technology and continue ignoring those around us? Are you happy with that? I can tell you… if you do that… retreat into technology. You are going to miss out on one of the most incredible adventures and opportunities your life will present.

Before us is a chance to realize who we live with. To remember why we like, even love, our family members. We get to see their humour and personality, their knowledge and skills. We have the chance to reconnect with our spouse and invest in our marriage -and yes it will be hard. But the blessings of this are potentially astounding. We have the chance to make an investment in our family in ways we haven’t for a very very long time as a culture.

When this is all done and we come out of our hibernation at home… will we be changed? Will we continue to invest in our family? Will we deepen the relationships we rekindled? Or will we return to busy-ness and independence? To programs and coffee shops?

All of a sudden we have families doing home school for the first time, realizing they need to teach the Bible to children. They can’t send their kids off to school when they have a bad day. Parents now need to learn to parent all the time, not just part time. Parents need to learn to cooperate in parenting. Parents need to learn to communicate love to their kids. Parents of faith need to learn how to live out the fact faith begins at home. We are blessed with this wonderful opportunity to reset our families to actually being… families!

I hope we learn to leave the right things behind… and bring the right things to the forefront in this season we’re in. When we come out of this season – I hope we are better for it. That we are stronger for it. I hope our faith grows. I hope our families are strengthened. I hope… after all is said and done – we can thank God for the work He has done in our lives, and the life of our family. I hope we truly do realize that it’s okay to leave some things behind… and to reconnect with other things that should never have been left behind.

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