A New Beginning

There’s a certain grace in new beginnings. I think sometimes we forget that is in fact what grace is for.   Grace is an opportunity to move on from the past and to make new choices, new decisions, and set life in a new direction.  The church spends much time speaking of grace, but I think we sometimes forget to discuss that grace is a participatory action.  A new beginning does not just happen, it in fact only happens if the person receiving grace chooses to act on it.   

So I decided to move on from my past on this blog and accept the grace in front of me.  What grace is that? The grace of a new ministry position.  The grace of God still having a call on my life.  The grace of renewed health and passion to begin writing again.  So I want to accept that grace and put it to use.  

New Beginnings lead to opportunities to grow.

So today is back to post #1.  I just removed 490 posts from the past seven years to give me a fresh start on this blog.   Currently my thought is to blog on the topics of faith, family, and technology.  Three topics I am passionate and interested in.  As time goes on the topics might expand, or even I might expand the purpose of the blog.  One of my favourite things I’ve done while preaching is to take questions via ‘text message’ and then answer a few in church, and the rest were answered here on the blog.  We’ll see if I venture into that brave new world again.

For now though – a new beginning.  A blank slate of potential posts…. But not for long.  I’ve had some ideas stirring around in me for the past while that are itching to get out. If you’re interested in staying in the loop when I do a new post consider signing up on the side of this page with your email to be given notice when a new post comes up. My goal is a new post each week. I hope you value what I share and it challenges you and helps nurture your own faith, your own family, and your own use of technology.

Peace and Grace,



  1. Bev Glass said:

    Excited to hear your upcoming posts.

    July 13, 2019
  2. Petra Vreeman said:

    Thanks Mike for starting a new blog. I am interested in what you will have to say about faith, family and technology. The technology will probably challenging for me.

    July 14, 2019
  3. GrrryE said:

    Onward Christian Soldier …

    July 14, 2019

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