Book Review – The DIY Guide to Building a Family that Lasts

So I was attracted to this book because of one of the authors – Gary Chapman. I didn’t know what to expect when I started reading it. Many DIY books seem to be ‘this worked for me so it should work for you’ and I don’t find that realistic. In this book the authors describe different practices that can be tried to help shape character in the home. There are no promises or guarantees, just opportunities to invest in your family.

As a pastor I’m a big fan of Mark Holmen’s “Faith at Home” movement which focusses on nurturing faith in the home. One of the practices I have as a part of that is providing free resources to families to help them nurture faith in the home. I could very much see this book being one of the resources I would provide to families to help them. This book is very well rooted in good practices and I believe recognizes that change takes hard work. This book truly though helps move you forward.

The big question I believe is – would I do any of these things? Well the answer is yes… and to back it up I actually was quite taken with some of the ideas I’m starting with one of them as I felt it would help bring more gratitude into our home and nurture more kindness as well. I can’t report the results yet, but in reality when shaping character anything that moves you and your family in the right direction is a win. I see this book as a great resource for families… and something that will help them get the win.

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