Book Review – Eugene Peterson’s Run With the Horses

My previous blog post was also on a Eugene Peterson book and much that I share about the author there speaks to him regarding this book. When you read one of his books – he reveals a part of his heart and his own faith so we can be blessed by it.

Run with the horses provides some insight into one the major prophets – Jeremiah. These insights allow us to glean from this prophetic text applications for our personal lives and for our churches.

One of the benefits of this edition that I reviewed, is Eugene Peterson’s son Eric shares some thoughts and insights into his father who has recently passed away. The world lost a man who blessed many with his thoughts and insights, but even more so with his actions and words.

This book specifically helps us reorder our perceptions, through reflecting on Jeremiah, his life and ministry, we are reminded that it is God who pursues us and loves us, and is the driver of our relationship with Him. In many ways this books is a reminder that it’s not all about us, rather it is all about God.

I’d highly recommend the book for personal devotions, theological reflection, sermon preparation material, or just to reflect on who we are in relationship to God.

This copy was provided by the publisher for free in exchange for my honest reflections and review.