Book Review – Mere Discipleship by Alister McGrath

Mere Discipleship is a different kind of book than many books on discipleship.  McGrath is broaching a side of discipleship seldom discussed, but valuable nonetheless.  I’ve been reading on discipleship lately and much of what I read are ‘how to books’ and practical suggestions – but are very valuable to read!  McGrath slows that process down and forces us to reflect on the discipleship of the mind.  This is a topic that is less practical, but equally important. 

McGrath wants us to explore the concept of discipleship through how we think and the focus of his writing is on the ‘renewing of the mind’.  McGrath, a strong writer himself though, humbly points us to other authors who can in fact mentor us and speak into our lives. Authors such as C.S. Lewis and John Stott, or Dorothy Sayers and J.I. Packer are brought into the mix where we can engage and wrestle with their view of theology so we be blessed and exposed to them and their content.

With a focus on the discipling of the mind, one should not expect a light and easy read. This book has good ‘meat’ to it and at times is fairly densely packed with good things to consider.  If you are exploring the topic of discipleship this book is something I’d encourage you to grab ahold of and dive into.. I believe you’ll be blessed, and discipled, by doing so.