Book Review – The Manager’s Communication Toolkit

I wasn’t sure what to expect of this book, but as I dove into it I realized what a practical tool this book was. I wouldn’t suggest that anything in this book is new, however this book consolidates a lot of information into a concise digestable fashion to make it a worthy and useful ‘toolkit’ for any manager. I appreciate the various examples and case studies that compliment the reflections and thoughts of the authors. I also appreciated how she went into detail examining different personality types and what to watch for.

Where I think she goes above and beyond is she then describes how to work with those different personalities, but also how to help them thrive and succeed so your team is not high jacked. The piece that I think goes above and beyond in adding value is the last section. After reading about team members and potential challenges she turns the reflection to personal and inwards. She challenges us as managers to reflect on who we are and our approach. I’d challenge every reader though constantly throughout the book to reflect ‘is that me? and if so, how do I need to grow?’ This book is a toolkit, but it’s also an insightful tool for self examination and growth.

The book reviewed in this Book Review was provided free of charge in exchange for my freely given opinion.  The opinion presented here is solely mine and was not encouraged one way or another by the publisher.