Book Review – May It Be So

This is the kind of book that you can read each year for the purpose of deepening your reflection and thoughts on the topic of prayer, specifically the Lord’s Prayer. If you read this book just for ‘information’ you’ll gain some value from it, but to really benefit from it you need to take the time to reflect on each day’s prayer, and each week’s reflection on the Lord’s prayer. I suspect if you did that, and you did it multiple times, you would find yourself discovering new insights each time you read through the book. As a pastor I’ve read theological books on the Lord’s Prayer and I understand the theology of it fairly well.

This book isn’t devoid of theology, but it thrives at helping you to reflect personally and engage in your relationship with the one true God. An example is at the start of their reflection on the Lord’s Prayer. They reflect on the word Our and I found myself engaged in tangents and insights that were meaningful to me. I value the guidance this book provides. I also value the short prayers they offer each day. These can be simply read, but like the rest of the book, when you take the time to reflect on them, to digest them, and to engage with them you can find there is much value for your prayer and spiritual life that pours over into your everyday life as you live it.

The value of the book will be in how you read it, and whether you take the time to reflect on it and allow God to work through it and speak into your life – challenging and encouraging you in your relationship with Him.

The book reviewed in this Book Review was provided free of charge in exchange for my freely given opinion.  The opinion presented here is solely mine and was not encouraged one way or another by the publisher.