Adam Driscoll’s Reading List 2019

If you read my blog somewhat regularly you know I value reading as a method for personal growth and professional development.  One of the most intentional, and voracious, readers I know is Adam Driscoll. Last year I asked him to share his reading list for 2018, and have done so again this year for his 2019 reading list.  I hope that you’ll be challenged to be intentional in your reading, or at the least, find some good book titles to explore yourself this coming year.  So Happy New Year… and Happy Reading.

Here now, is Adam’s blog contribution. — Mike.


First let me lead with a thank you to Mike for his invitation to guest post. Over the years, it has been such a delight to learn together and from one another. I continued to be humbled by his and other’s interest in the authors I have coffee with each day.

My reflection in 2019 has led me to consider: “What is my season of life? What is my season of leadership? What is my season of learning?

” To this, I share a story of John Wooden – renowned and hall of fame college basketball coach. Each year, at the start of the year, he would teach his team a simple task: how to put on their socks and shoes properly. Wrinkles in socks give blisters and untied shoes mean you miss a play. What trips us and makes us limp is not our skills but our foundations. This year, in humility, I’m going to take a break from the seemingly cutting edge and instead ensure that as I’m running and leading – there aren’t wrinkles in my socks or laces that can trip me up. I never want to second guess my readiness for when an opportunity arises or say, “God – I need a time-out because my lace is undone.” That’s a pretty pathetic excuse for stepping out of a kingdom moment.

So my reading list is all about basics this year. Foundations of leadership, shepherding, problem solving, and engaging scripture. Happy 2019 and thank you again, Mike, for letting me share my journey through your blog. I look forward to journeying in life and learning together in another great year.

Adam’s Reading 2019:



Forebearance – James Calvis Davis

A Secular Age – Charles Taylor

Old Testament Theology – Walter Brueggemann

For the Glory of God – Rodney Stark

Sex Difference in Christian Theology – Megan K. DeFranza


Biblical Studies:

Romans – Karl Barth

Jeremiah – Walter Brueggemann



Theory U – C. Otto Scharmer and Peter Senge

Radical Candour – Kim Scott

The Mentor’s Guide – Lois Zachary

The Fifth Discipline – Peter Senge

Holy Conversations – The Strategic Planning Guide for Congregations

Management – Peter Drucker



The Steinbeck Collection – Short Novels by John Steinbeck

The Tattooist of Auschwitz – Heather Morris

In the Skin of a Lion – Michael Ondaajte



The Pastor – Eugene Peterson

The Last Arrow – Erwin McManus

Raising Human Beings – Ross Greene