What I’ve Been Reading – October 2018

So I’m trying to stay disciplined and post what I read each month.  It helps hold me accountable to keep reading, it also shares what I’m reading with colleagues who may want a good title to read, and it allows me to review and revisit each book I’ve read.

The Crucifixion of Ministry by Andrew Purves .  I wasn’t sure what to make of this book when I started reading it, but I found overall i really engaged with the content of it and the concepts in the book.  in a nutshell, Purves wants us to focus on Christ in all things for ministry and not get sidetracked by all the distractions around us.  It’s a wonderful challenge, rooted in Scripture, that I think many of us in ministry need to wrestle with.

Why You’re Here: Ethics for the Real World by John Stackhouse Jr.  I hadn’t read an ethics book for quite a while so thought it was time. Stackhouse has solid content and writes at a level that anyone can engage with, yet challenges in such a way that any believer can feel some sense of personal challenge.

Will There be Faith? by Thomas Groome .  Groome is a Catholic Theologian who focusses on Christian Education.  The book is not the easiest read, not because of difficulty, as much as the subject matter and the writing style.  That said, the content is good and has things that anyone in ministry should be able to connect with.

Faith@Home Revealed by Mark Holmen and Brian Siewart.  Mark is a friend I met as he was speaking at conferences. I resonated with his Faith@Home message and have implemented it into my ministry. Brian is a part of the Faith@Home team as well.  Together they are taking the ministry in a new direction using research data to inform the reader about the need and importance of Faith@Home.  I would suggest this as a ‘must read’ for pastors who take serious the family in the church.

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni .  Lencioni is one of my favourite leadership authors and I thought it was time to re-read this book.

The Truth About Employee Engagement by Patrick Lencioni . Another LEncioni book but one I hadn’t read before… great content as always.

Answering Jihad by Nabeel Qureshi .   I wish more people would read Qureshi’s books.  As a former muslim now Christian he has a unique insight into the muslim faith.  He speaks with great value for the heritage he was raised in, but is not scared to address and highlight the issues and challenges poised by the muslim faith.  This book is valuable and informative as are his other books.

The God of Hope and the End of the World by John Polkinghorne .   This book addresses creation and end times  and was a good read.  As much coming from a scientific perspective,  Polkinghorse  does a good job addressing and framing the discussion in the book.

I’ve also continued my reading fiction books for fun.  i got away from this over the past years and have enjoyed reading just for fun again.  Really enjoying the Amos Decker books by David Balducci.