Sermon Questions – October 23, 2016

In North America we down play miracles.   How do we evaluate a message, a story to know if it is from God’s miraculous intervention?

It’s interesting in North America how much credit we wish to take for things and how little we give to God.  God created us.   All we are and all that we do come from him.  So I say let’s ere on the side of caution and give God glory for all things.   Successful surgeries, recovery from illness, safety while travelling, etc.   I’d say in all these things lets give God the glory and ere on the side of that, rather than on the side of not giving God glory.

Pastor Mike, it’s just my own opinion, that the Lord Jesus Christ is more similar to Moses than the Apostle Paul, because they both fasted for 40 days, Moses led the people of Israel from bondage to Egypt.  And the Lord Jesus Christ led us to God from the bondage of sin.   Moreover the Lord Jesus Christ is God, just like Moses being  like god in the presence of the pharaoh.

In some ways you are right!   The book of Matthew is all about giving us the impression that Jesus is like Moses only much much greater!  Take a read through the book of Matthew and you can see the comparisons.    In my sermon I said Paul and Moses had similarities, and they do, but that does not negate the comparison that Matthew makes.  Moses and Paul are both human, that’s different than Matthew pointing out that Jesus is greater than Moses was.   Great thoughts though and thanks for sharing them!