Review – The Bible Stories: Moses DVD

My three daughters and I watched this movie.  It was a great opportunity to talk about and “live” the story of Moses.   My 9 year old daughter commented, “The part where Moses drops the 10 Commandments isn’t true”… to which my 7 year old responded, “Yes it is!”  This movie opened up a great opportunity to discuss as we watched and after we watched.

bstmA few things that troubled me as I watched… I never envisioned Moses to be as angry as he was portrayed throughout the movie.  That was just my preconceived notion though of what i thought he was like that was different than it was portrayed.  I really like how, at the end of Moses’ life, he explains to Joshua that he cannot go into the Promised Land (only look at it) because he struck the rock out of anger instead of trust… then Moses says, “God can’t build a nation on anger” – made me pause for thought.

Some other things that caused me to think (not sure if they are 100% Bible accurate)… I didn’t realize that Pharaoh and Rameses hated Moses as much as they did (often referring to him as the “adopted son”) – which led Moses to not knowing where he belonged as he wasn’t fully Egyptian or Hebrew.  In the movie, this was a major driving force to him leaving Egypt (as well as killing the Egyptian).  In the movie, Moses saved his brother Aaron from the Egyptian (that Moses killed).  I liked Moses’ mother’s words of wisdom, “God saved you – serve Him well” – just don’t think that was in Bible.  Was there lightning that hit the ground in many spots in front of the Egyptians to stop them from crossing the Red Sea?  Was there fire that struck the Israelites in the dessert?  Did Miriam have leprosy and was sent out of town for seven days for speaking against Moses – and then Moses went to feed her and be with her as she was outside of town?  Was Jethro a mentor to Moses as much as he was portrayed?  (I really like this touch, just not sure how accurate it was).

I like the authenticity of dancing to show culture and the look of the land (dessert).

Time frames and scale is difficult to portray in a movie – as it was in here.  The Israelites were much bigger in number in real life than was portrayed in the movie.  The movie looked like maybe just over a hundred – in the Bible it was thousands, if not a million.  Time frames were also quite off – again, difficult to do in a movie.  The 40 years in the dessert were 3 words across the bottom (3 seconds) – whereas Moses waited what seemed like several minutes for the water to part.

Our girls recognized many parts from Bible as they came up – Burning Bush, Plagues, Crossing of Red Sea.  Although they looked pretty computerized, the effect and story made sense to us.

The process of Moses’ trust in God was again something that I had not contemplated before, but appreciated.  At the beginning of the movie, Moses could barely speak clearly, didn’t know who God was and was seen as very weak.  As the movie progressed, you could easily see how Moses’ trust in God is strengthened and his leadership is stronger – and all with the focus on God and Moses giving God credit for His miracles.  I appreciated seeing how Moses often went off alone to pray and retreat to speak to God.

I liked how the Bible and teachings were done throughout the movie – multiple times Moses or the narrator speaks pure Scripture references (explaining Feast of Unleavened Bread, when coming back from mountain, when Moses goes to speak to Lord).

Very good movie – would highly recommend it.  Most parts were biblically accurate.  Maybe consider watching it with kids in several parts as it is 3 hours long.

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This review was fully our own and we were encouraged to post an honest and critical review.  We did receive a free copy of the movie from FishFlix which we appreciated, but did not change our review at all.