Sermon Questions from week of June 19th, 2016

What is the difference between being called to the office of prophet and being gifted in prophecy?
This is a great question.  Let me use an analogy with preaching.  There are people who are called to be preachers, and there are people who have a gift to preach but are not vocational preachers.    There are those in scripture, and perhaps today still, who are called to be prophets vocationally.  It is who they are in all things, while others prophesize occasionally or for a season in their life.  Both are part of God’s ministry but play different roles.   I also suggest the cost of holding the office of prophet is greater due to the permanent nature of it.

When did the prophetic era end?  Do we still have prophets at present time?

I don’t believe the prophetic era ended actually.  I think that when we put things in a structure like that it excuses us quite a bit from hearing God through prophecy.  The old testament is clear that prophecy is a spiritual gift so there are still people prophecying today.   Are there people who hold the calling of prophet?  I don’t know that, but scripture is clear that prophecy still exists today.

If we see greater number of prophets or words of calling from God, does that mean something big is coming?

This is a tricky question.  First off I don’t think there is a formula that is simple that we can use to understand God at all times.   But scripturally we see in the Old Testament that before the exile of Israel and Judah there were greater number of prophets at work.  That being said, it should only take one prophet to speak to us and head God’s word.   All that being said, I would suspect more prophecy means more likely something is happening – big or small.