Sermon Questions and Weekly Reading Questions for week of June 12, 2016

  1. You mentioned in the Sunday service that separating the children from the service is a form of exile. Your comment seemed to be a bit of an exaggeration to me, not to mention a misuse of the meaning of an exile. Are the ministries at the church meant to help people relate to and learn about God at a level for them to understand? FBC has Sunday school for children, youth, and adults, small groups for adults, young adults, support groups for those who have experienced miscarriage and loss, get togethers for Prime Time age, and many more. I think these valuable opportunities exist not to “exile” but to include people and their various stages of physical and spiritual growth within the body of Christ.   Anyway, it is just something that I am curious about.
    I’m not sure I connected the various programs exactly as being a form of exile, as much of being a focus on separation.  I do think I talked about how we separate our church intentionally and I think we lose something when we do that.  Either way here’s my thoughts fleshed out a bit more.  Historically the church has learned together, and it’s been more the last 50-70 years that we have seen the seperation we currently have.  Are there benefits to having different age group activities?  Yes definitely.  Have we lost something in doing that?  I think yes definitely is also an answer.   I believe we have much to learn by being together, learning together, worshipping together, and serving together.  I’m not saying we do away with age appropriate programs – I just think we isolate ourselves from each other way too much and we are worse off for that.    I hope there is some balance we can find in the future as the larger church.
  2.  I don’t understand where children blessing the adults in the church service comes from? Is it scriptural or just a salutation before they go to their  children’s church time? It seems that a bigger deal is made of the volume of their voices every Sunday than the reason they are saying it.
    This was a tradition at the church from before I became pastor.   We actually stopped it for a while but some things are hard to stop as it got started again.   I’m okay with it happening but it is just a ‘FBC’ thing.  I haven’t seen it elsewhere.  That said it’s not anything bad or wrong to have it done.   As for the volume.  The volume isn’t the issue as much as the comfort level of speaking up in church.   I want the kids to not be shy at church, to feel like they have a place at church and they can be themselves – that’s why we push the volume…. especially since some of those kids are very shy!!!
  3. Can you hear the voice of God through other writings than the bible?
    well I don’t think we literally hear the voice of GOd through scripture, we do read and hear His words.  Can God speak to us through other things?   I believe God can speak through other people and thus through their writings.  That said all that we hear is secondary to scripture, and cannot contradict scripture.  Hope that helps!