Sermon Questions and Weekly Reading Questions from week of June 5, 2016

Why did God create dinosaurs if he’s just gonna kill them?

well why does God create any of us if we’re just going to die?   It’s a similar question.  In other words we don’t know why God allows somethings to happen and others to not.   But God is sovereign.   God is over all things and while I don’t understand I do choose to trust.  I’m not able to answer more than that, but one day when we are in heaven I’m sure we can say ‘what’s up with that?’

How do we accept others and work on healing division when other groups or individuals are saying things that misrepresents the message of Christ?

I think we speak truth when we can, we love in all circumstances, and we recognize God is real and ultimately we do not control God or how He is represented.   For healing division we work in love and compassion with those we disagree.  We try to see people through the eyes of Christ…. and ultimately we root ourselves in prayer.