Questions from Sermons and Weekly Readings – week of May 15, 2016

How much does it cost to send a camper to camp?

great question and I hope we’ll have this in the bulletin this week in preparation for our benevolent offering in June/July that goes towards camperships.   The rates for camp range between $175 for Juniors Camp and  $320 for the intermediates camp.   The rest of the camps fall somewhere in that range.

How do you think Mosess felt with all the death of children?  Even though they were children of their oppressors, I can’t image he would have had an easy time with it.

I can’t imagine….  Chances are Moses knew some of the families who lost kids in the passover  – after all he grew up in Egypt.   But he also knew that God wanted his people gone from Egypt and that hadn’t been happening.  I suspect then as much as their may have been grief or strugge over the deaths,   Moses was happy to see God reigning over the Egyptians even  showing it in such a hard and difficult fashion. However it’s a good question – how did Moses feel…. unfortunately we have no answer for that one.

JOb 40 and Job 41 – what are the behemoth and the leviathan mentioned there?

We have no knowledge of what exactly bohemoth and leviathan are.   The Bohemoth has been considered as an elephant or hippopotamus, or even a dinosaur.   Which one is it?  We have no clue.  Same thing for the Leviathan.  Exact knowledge though doesn’t stop us from understanding the text.


Thanks for the questions – hope the answers I gave helped out!