Sermon Questions – April 24, 2016 – Peter & Diane Salmond

We had a great Sunday on April 24, 2016  with Peter and Diane visiting.   Peter shared a message before we had a Q&A time in the service.  Below are the questiosn that were texted in to be answered and their answers to those questions.  Thanks Peter and Diane for your ministry and being with us on the 24th!

salmonds21) Fun question – how are the spiders and creatures there?
There are many spiders all over the place, but we are able to keep them mostly our of our house, but we see them a lot in the office at the school and in the classroom. We have also seen snakes, cockroaches and rats. But only a few.

2) Did Diane or you learn how to make special foods? and what are they like? frog legs?
No frog legs no, we have made eaten casava, ugali, and a few others, most is almost like other things that we have made in Canada

3) Peter do you share the gospel in English, French, or Rwandan language – how do they respond?
I share in english with a translator and the people respond well most of the times, but once in a while they seem to be very nutral

4) When we have a promise how do we keep doubt from taking over when it’s taking time?
Trust God and draw near to Him through His word. God cannot lie, if you have a promise it will happen if it is from God, according to His will

5) When called to do something but you feel unworthy and unprepared how do you take the first step?  
#1 Stand against the devil in Jesus name it is he who makes you feel unworthy and stops you from being prepared. Then you must take the first step in obedience to Him and move forward as He leads. Often the first step is the hardest.


Thank you for the questions and I hope these answers will help you move forward with God by your side. It was a pleasure to be there with you last Sunday. God bless