Book Review – The Christmas Story for Children

Normally I don’t get my eye caught by children’s Bible storybooks, however The Christmas Story for Children stands out for a few reasons. First, it’s a part of the The Story project, and my favourite children’s story author Max Lucado is a part of this project.

_240_360_Book.1349The Christmas Story for Children is what you would expect – the Christmas Story with the appropriate artwork. Yet there are some qualities to this book’s storytelling that stand out.

First, they don’t try to mix all the Christmas narratives into one. The story is told clearly with a sense that this is a story being told based on scripture, but is not an actual scripture reading.

Second, the artwork is wonderful and high quality complimenting the story being told. There’s a balance between the detail and the imagination of the images.

Third, the story is told in context – it’s not just the Christmas story of Jesus’ birth, it’s the story of the gift of God’s son and why he was given to us.   The story ends after Jesus’ baptism with a picture of him feeding the 5000.

For those families looking for a fresh telling of the Christmas story, while sticking to the Biblical narrative, this book may be a welcome addition to your collection.

Please note a review copy of this book was provided to me by the publisher through the program.   The opinions expressed were freely given by me and are fully my own.