Book Review – Be the Dad She Needs You to Be by Dr. Kevin Leman

_225_350_Book.1211.coverIt always seems to me there is an endless supply of parenting books available.   Being the father of four girls, Be the Dad She Needs You to Be grabbed my attention from the many other titles I know are available.   In his book Dr. Kevin Leman  lays out his position on how important fathers are in the lives of daughters.   The topics he discusses range from understanding birth order, how girls relate compared to guys, discipline ideas, to sexuality, right through the teenage years.  Dr. Leman reminds us that we only have so much time and we want to help our girls be strong, confident and healthy in all areas of their lives.

Reading the book I found myself overall agreeing with much of what I read.  In many ways this book summarizes in one spot what I’ve heard elsewhere and seen elsewhere and adds in illustrations, examples, and at times, unique insights.   I did find myself shaking my head a few times when he was describing what girls are like and birth order.  Dr. Leman speaks in generalizations (how else can he address all the readers!) yet at times I felt disconnected from the generalizations – they didn’t express my reality.   There are a few spots where he uses the phrase ‘guaranteed’ and I can tell you those topics and approaches he speaks of, are not guaranteed.  That said, his points are insightful, helpful, and for the vast majority will ring true.

Personally, the reminder and insights were a good tool for helping me review my approach to parenting, and also let me notice where I’ve slipped in areas I’ve been intentional in the past.  It’s always encouraging for my wife and I to hear stories of other families who have had success in their parenting, and reading this book provided that sort of encouragement to me.  It’s a good read for any dads with daughters, and for their wives.  It can also be good for older daughters who are reflecting on their fathers – helping them understand some of the differences  in approach between dads and their daughters.

Thanks to the publisher, Thomas Nelson, for providing me a complimentary copy to review through the program.  I was not required to post a positive review and all opinions expressed are fully my own.