Day 225 – Jeremiah 23-25

Today’s Scripture Reading: Jeremiah 23-25

shepherdWhen we talk about Shepherds in scripture many of us will think of David, Jesus, the parables Jesus told.   I’m not sure many of us jump to Jeremiah’s sharing about the shepherds in today’s reading.  The leaders of God’s people -the shepherds – have have failed.  God is promising to raise up someone from David’s line who will be called “The LORD is our Righteousness”.    The image for us, is clearly one of Jesus and a foreshadowing of what God is going to do.

I find this following quote interesting:

You should keep asking each other, ‘What is the Lord ’s answer?’ or ‘What is the Lord saying?’ But stop using this phrase, ‘prophecy from the Lord.’ For people are using it to give authority to their own ideas, turning upside down the words of our God, the living God, the Lord of Heaven’s Armies. (Jeremiah 23:35, 36 NLT)

There are many who claim to be prophets, and speak prophetic words.  I think this quote shows why I’m always hesitant to affirm that when someone is a self-declared prophet.  I like what God says to do instead – seek out God’s answer, and to ask what is God saying?   We don’t need titles or fancy roles – we just need to be listening.  When someone declares themselves a prophet I often find it can distract from the actual message, and at times have wondered if the focus is not more on the person.  So let’s drop the title and just ask what God is saying and what is answers are… and let’s put all the focus on Him.