No one came…

Can you imagine the story of the good samaritan, but instead of him stopping and helping he kept going? He just walked by… despite the need for help. The man would be dead in the ditch.

That happened. Not in the story in scripture… but in real life… watch this video…

The second last sign – “I have nobody. I need somebody.”

It was reported this morning that Amanda Todd took her life.

At some point I’ll post my view on what builds up to this – but for now – parents, go hug your child, kiss them on the cheek and tell them you love them, God loves them, that they are precious and valuable and have purpose and meaning.

Second, why not show this to our children who are on facebook. Show them as a tale of thinking before acting and value themselves enough to not seek approval in this forum or in this way. Also show our kids so they see the consequence of the words they use when speaking to others. Even better yet, let’s work hard to ensure our children receive their sense of self worth from those who truly love and care for them.

People are saying this is an issue about bullying – yes it is. However for those of us who choose to follow Christ, this is about voices not speaking, hands not reaching out, hearts not caring. Somehow someone, without a voice in a video or in life anymore, was calling out. She needed somebody. And the somebody never came.

We read in Matthew 25 – “Truly I tell you, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me”

I hope we all weep together for this tragedy – not just for the bullying, the suicide, but that a beautiful teenage girl, created by God in His image, needed someone – and no one came.

Amanda no longer has a voice… we do… I pray we use it.

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  1. Julie Parr said:

    My heart breaks for this young girl and her family. Callous, heartless words destroyed her……words. That and loneliness. How do we teach our kids to see those who need a friend, to be courageous enough to stand up with those who are being bullied?
    Parents….we all want to sit and think that our kids would never do that to someone….but do you monitor their Facebook pages? Do your kids have additional pages under different names that you know nothing about. We need to be more diligent at home monitoring but also teaching empathy ad talking about these issues. Our kids need more than ever to understand that everything they do or say leaves a mark…..what kind of mark is up to them.

    October 12, 2012

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