A glimpse at iOS 6

So one of my thoughts for this blog was to post the odd tech item.  It hasn’t happened until now.  This is the first of 3 tech posts I’ll be doing in the coming weeks. The next post will be on how to access US netflix in Canada, and the third will be my favourite iOS apps.  Look forward to hearing your feedback!

Since the beta was released I’ve been using the iOS 6 software on my iphone 4s  and my ipad 3.  The best way to describe this update is that it’s a natural update.  It’s not revolutionary but builds on the existing  software.  I think for most it’ll be a welcome update.

Here are some of my thoughts about the new OS overall:

The App Store

app store
new app store updates are fantastic

The update to the App store is a welcome change.  The browsing is so much more intuitive. You fell like you’re using the App store on, well, an Apple device.   Beta 2 allowed you to open existing apps from in the Ap
p store – which was great for those times you forgot you grabbed an app.  As well you didn’t leave the app store whenever you installed or updated an app.  Beta 3 took away the ‘open’ link on an app, but still it’s a nice change.


So Siri has some teeth in Canada now… oh and Siri is on my iPad now too.   I can now ask for what’s playing at the movies, or where to eat.  The graphics are nice and well done.  Kudos to Apple for partnering with others on this using Yelp and other services to power their results.

The Clock

This is something small…but the clock app with alarms is now on the iPad.    About time.


Apple is ditching google.  The maps are beautiful where they’ve been worked out well.  (i.e. Apple campus) but are buggy and limited elsewhere.  There’s a lot of work to be done here.  The GP

Siri Results
New Siri results in Canada when asking what movies are playing

S directions that have been added are clear and easy to use, but don’t autoupdate yet and I found it more distracting than helpful.    I think the Maps is going to be short term pain for long term gain.  The finished product with 3d rendering of buildings is incredible – but far from being accessible everywhere.

Do Not Disturb

This is one of my favourite features.  I can set my phone to Do Not Disturb.  In fact I can set a schedule for when it will be set to Do Not Disturb.  I can allow certain people to call through the DND, or allow multiple calls from the same person in 3  minutes to allow a call through.  This is done well with Apple simplicity.

Privacy and Restrictions

Haven’t played much with this but the privacy settings are much more obvious and laid out.  The restrictions allow parents to block certain apps and features from  being used.  You can literally lock your kid to playing on only certain apps.  Glad to see Apple leading the way on this.


Final Thoughts

New Enable Restictions Screen
The new settings to Enable Restrictions in iOS 6

So I like it.  Love some features like a useful Siri (which is really slow in the beta for me) and the DND feature.  Quite a few apps are broken in the beta such as newspaper apps I read.  I found that interesting.  However I think the new OS will be a welcome addition and will keep Apple moving forward as the product most in demand for mobile users of phones and tablets.