Sermon Questions – April 24, 2016 – Peter & Diane Salmond

We had a great Sunday on April 24, 2016  with Peter and Diane visiting.   Peter shared a message before we had a Q&A time in the service.  Below are the questiosn that were texted in to be answered and their answers to those questions.  Thanks Peter and Diane for your ministry and being with us on the 24th! 1) Fun question – how are the spiders and creatures there? There are many spiders all over the place, but we are able to keep them mostly our of our house, but we see them a lot in the office at the school and in the classroom. We have also seen snakes, cockroaches and rats. But only a few. 2) Did […]

Sermon Questions from the week of April 10th

What a great image – Jesus blood stains us in a way that does wash away. We are stained clean. to be clear the language is ‘washed clean’ and I adapted that in my sermon reflecting on how blood stains fabric… and here we have fabric washed in the blood of the lamb as Revelation says.   So I used the phrase ‘stained clean’.  I wanted to be clear what scripture said vs. what I said.   I used that image to indicate the permanence of  being washed white.    Hope that makes sense! Are you saying the North American church is lukewarm because of the comforts available to us?  Thanks for the chance to clarify.  the comforts themselves do […]


Sermon and Reading Questions from Week of April 3, 2016

So Mike was away last week  and Chris preached on Sunday.  Because of that we have Chris answering your questions from the sermon and our Bible readings this week. Here is a question from the sermon this week: What do we do as a church to celebrate, encourage and facilitate daily choosing, daily transformation and not just focus on the initial commitment to Jesus? This is a wonderful question and I think the really short answer can be defined in relationship. It would be easier to view this less as a potential list of things I should do, and more about, how do I invest into a relationship with Jesus. Just like in any relationship that is going to grow, you […]


Sermon and Reading Questions – from week of Easter Sunday March 27th

Jesus knew that two of his followers would betray him yet he stayed with them. Would it be Christian when we know our close friends have betrayed us and done us wrong, to remain with them and still hold them to our hearts? This is a great question – and one relevant in many of our lives.   I think there are a bunch of verses which can flesh out ‘what is Christian’ and what is not. SO here are some thoughts from me, and then I’ll share some simple verses from the bible that perhaps add onto how  we respond to this situation. `I think the Christian thing involves forgiveness.  For that to happen we don’t just ignore what happened […]


Sermon Questions from March 20th

 Here are the questions and answers from the sermon on March 20th… Where do we have opportunity for safe confession in our church relationships? This is a tough one… it depends on what we mean by safe doesn’t it?  IF safe means a place where we can share with no response, no consequence, no accountability …. That’s quite different than a place where someone might ask to walk alongside, hold us accountable, help us step up and deal with the consequences of our actions.    I believe Biblical confession is somewhere in between the two depending on what is being confessed.  Not every confession requires action in response, while other confessions do – for the well being and growth of the […]


Sermon Questions from the Week of March 6th, 2016

SO two questions from the sermon and one from last week’s scripture readings.  I hope you find the responses helpful.  It bothers me that we even need to discuss guidelines for euthanasia because our Canadian government has passed this law of Doctor assisted suicide That is fair that it bothers you we need to discuss this, but the government didn’t pass the law.  The courts have said it is a human right to have a doctor assist your suicide.   The courts have requested the government to create legal guidelines around that right.     It should be deeply concerning that the courts are determining our ethics in this way, however it is the way our system is setup.  Now the goal we […]

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Sermon Questions – Week of February 28th, 2016

Question 1:  In my honest opinion we cannot completely compare Moses into our Saviour Jesus Christ, because Moses failed with his mission and Jesus not.  We can just say that Moses was just a shadow of a coming deliverer that time. I appreciate this thought but I think my sermon made the same point.  JEsus s the fullfillment of the image of who Moses is.  Jesus is the greater deliverer, greater law giver, greater priest.  Scripture is clear on those things, however Moses is held in high esteem by God’s people and when JEsus came, and the decades and centuries after, to portray Jesus as a greater Moses helps the people understand the importance of who Jesus is, not to […]


Questions from February 21, 2016

Hi there – not many questions this week – just the one and then a prayer request which I’ll include at the bottom. Here’s the question of the week 🙂 Did his (Abraham’s) son believe in God? Because what would his son do after he tried to kill him? As far as we know, yes Isaac believed in God.   Today faith is very much an individual decision, but for most of history faith has been determined by household or family.  In Abraham’s time faith would have been tribal or family based.   What would have Isaac done after Abraham almost killed him?  I would be curious and we’re not told.   We do seem to see Isaac go along […]


Questions – week of February 14th

So here are some questions from the sermon, but also off of facebook this week about our readings….. From: Leviticus 24-25  Should be some good discussions on that one. The inherent contradiction opens some interesting ethical dilemmas.  Blasphemies are to be put to death.  Anyone that takes a human life is to be put to death.   Kind of a vicious circle there – unless one is excused because they are exercising the Word. In which case, well, we have lots of current-day examples of people doing as they feel they are commanded and “smiting in The Name,” don’t we???  Very interesting choice of passage! It is interesting isn’t it?   First off Blasphemy and Murder are both listed in the 10 […]


Sermon Questions from February 7, 2016

What do I look for to know if I’m not ready for God’s message or if I’m walking in the ways of the world (blocking my understanding)?   How do we avoid feeling like “if I had more faith I’d understand” like the faith healer claim? Some points in response: 1) God is faithful and so as we read God is at work. 2) as we open ourselves to what God is saying in scripture and try to live our lifes reflective of it we’ll see our outlook on the world change over time. 3) We’re told faith as small as a mustard seed can move mountains. 4) I hope we all continue learning and growing in faith throughout life.   We […]