Review – The Bible Stories: Moses DVD

My three daughters and I watched this movie.  It was a great opportunity to talk about and “live” the story of Moses.   My 9 year old daughter commented, “The part where Moses drops the 10 Commandments isn’t true”… to which my 7 year old responded, “Yes it is!”  This movie opened up a great opportunity to discuss as we watched and after we watched. A few things that troubled me as I watched… I never envisioned Moses to be as angry as he was portrayed throughout the movie.  That was just my preconceived notion though of what i thought he was like that was different than it was portrayed.  I really like how, at the end of Moses’ life, […]

Sermon Questions from week of June 19th, 2016

What is the difference between being called to the office of prophet and being gifted in prophecy? This is a great question.  Let me use an analogy with preaching.  There are people who are called to be preachers, and there are people who have a gift to preach but are not vocational preachers.    There are those in scripture, and perhaps today still, who are called to be prophets vocationally.  It is who they are in all things, while others prophesize occasionally or for a season in their life.  Both are part of God’s ministry but play different roles.   I also suggest the cost of holding the office of prophet is greater due to the permanent nature of it. When did […]

Sermon Questions and Weekly Reading Questions for week of June 12, 2016

You mentioned in the Sunday service that separating the children from the service is a form of exile. Your comment seemed to be a bit of an exaggeration to me, not to mention a misuse of the meaning of an exile. Are the ministries at the church meant to help people relate to and learn about God at a level for them to understand? FBC has Sunday school for children, youth, and adults, small groups for adults, young adults, support groups for those who have experienced miscarriage and loss, get togethers for Prime Time age, and many more. I think these valuable opportunities exist not to “exile” but to include people and their various stages of physical and spiritual growth within […]

Sermon Questions and Weekly Reading Questions from week of June 5, 2016

Why did God create dinosaurs if he’s just gonna kill them? well why does God create any of us if we’re just going to die?   It’s a similar question.  In other words we don’t know why God allows somethings to happen and others to not.   But God is sovereign.   God is over all things and while I don’t understand I do choose to trust.  I’m not able to answer more than that, but one day when we are in heaven I’m sure we can say ‘what’s up with that?’ How do we accept others and work on healing division when other groups or individuals are saying things that misrepresents the message of Christ? I think we speak […]

Questions from the sermon on May 29, 2016

So we had a few questions from the sermon on Sunday and one that is a more general question…..  How do  we share that which we found life changing without elevating the messenger? I think the key is to give God the glory.  To give God the credit for those things that change our lives.  When we do that, our focus shifts from us to God and it acts as a witness pointing people to God and not to ourselves.  If you know your life has been going into a downward spiral for a long time how do you turn it around to go the other way? This is a tough one.   It reminds me a lot of what […]

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Questions from Sermons and Weekly Readings – week of May 15, 2016

How much does it cost to send a camper to camp? great question and I hope we’ll have this in the bulletin this week in preparation for our benevolent offering in June/July that goes towards camperships.   The rates for camp range between $175 for Juniors Camp and  $320 for the intermediates camp.   The rest of the camps fall somewhere in that range. How do you think Mosess felt with all the death of children?  Even though they were children of their oppressors, I can’t image he would have had an easy time with it. I can’t imagine….  Chances are Moses knew some of the families who lost kids in the passover  – after all he grew up in […]


Questions from May 8th, 2016 Sermon

SO I wasn’t preaching this week – Albert Heal was.  He took some time and responded to the two text questions we had this week.  Hope his responses are helpful to you! The shame, the hidden things are told in the bible stories (I wouldn’t tell these stories if I wanted to convince people). How do we find the willingness to let God work thru our failings? I agree that none of us want our shameful things revealed, let alone in Scripture where everybody can read the accounts. However, the Bible does tell it like it is – these shameful acts are the direct result of mankind´s fall into sin. Two points: one, mankind on his own will “do what […]


Questions and Comments from Sunday May 1, 2016 plus weekly readings

Hi Everyone – a little delayed in posting my responses this week…. my apologies.  I’ve been in Vancouver for some meetings and have found little time to sit down and do this! SO here we go….. Sermon Questions: If God’s word says ‘how’ He created the world why would we question it?   If He says what He created each day why do we dispute it?   Either we believe him or we don’t. I think the reason we question is not to dispute God… but to understand God.   Is the text in Genesis a literal account or a story account of creation – still true but simplfied?  God spoke but what happened after that?   We are created […]


Sermon Questions – April 24, 2016 – Peter & Diane Salmond

We had a great Sunday on April 24, 2016  with Peter and Diane visiting.   Peter shared a message before we had a Q&A time in the service.  Below are the questiosn that were texted in to be answered and their answers to those questions.  Thanks Peter and Diane for your ministry and being with us on the 24th! 1) Fun question – how are the spiders and creatures there? There are many spiders all over the place, but we are able to keep them mostly our of our house, but we see them a lot in the office at the school and in the classroom. We have also seen snakes, cockroaches and rats. But only a few. 2) Did […]

Sermon Questions from the week of April 10th

What a great image – Jesus blood stains us in a way that does wash away. We are stained clean. to be clear the language is ‘washed clean’ and I adapted that in my sermon reflecting on how blood stains fabric… and here we have fabric washed in the blood of the lamb as Revelation says.   So I used the phrase ‘stained clean’.  I wanted to be clear what scripture said vs. what I said.   I used that image to indicate the permanence of  being washed white.    Hope that makes sense! Are you saying the North American church is lukewarm because of the comforts available to us?  Thanks for the chance to clarify.  the comforts themselves do […]